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You might be surprised to find out that Gateway Septic can provide a wide range of services that you might not always think of when you are looking for services related to your septic system. To give you a quick list of other services in our toolbox available to you, check out our list: 

  • Jetter Services
  • Sewer & Septic Camera Services
  • Septic Locating
  • Excavation Services


Jetting Services

With “jetting” or “hydro jetting” we have the ability to use a high pressure water system to clean out septic system lines and lines that lead out to your septic system drain field. The high pressure water has the ability to push right through clogs and obstacles in a clogged line. We have found that a jetting system can be invaluable to our customers as it allows us to help our customers save money! If you have a drainage problem with your septic system, a hydro jetter might be exactly what you need! 


Sewer & Septic Line Camera Services

Sometimes our customers just can’t seem to find a resolution to what is causing problems for their septic system. At Gateway, we have a simple and effective solution – we have a state of the art camera system that we can use to run through your septic system lines until we visually see what might be causing your septic headaches! This is an invaluable tool and allows us to go right to where the problem is as opposed to guessing or running through a bunch of potential issues before we land on the correct solution. 


Septic Locator Services

In Washington State, there are supposed to be records of where everything is located for your septic system (these are called “as builts”), but sometimes those descriptions and diagrams are not correct. With our septic locator services, we can drop a digital beacon into your toilet, flush it, and then follow the signal to create a map of where your septic is based on the beacon track. Instead of digging up around your home, we can follow exactly where your system is located and save you time and money. 


Excavation Services

Ever have a job around your home or property that you know you need excavation services for but just don’t know where to go? At Gateway Septic, we are proud to offer light excavation services. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss your excavation needs! 

Our Services

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We work to make sure that when a customer calls, we have the experience and team to handle ALL of our customer’s septic needs. From inspections to septic pumping, or installation – one call is all you need for your all septic solutions! We offer

Septic System Inspections

*Septic System Installation

Septic System Repairs

Septic System Maintenance

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And more!